Unforgettable Moments
Prof. Su Guaning, President of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, visited SMU in May 2010.

On May 4th, the delegation from Singapore Nanyang Technological University (NTU) headed by Prof. Xu Guanlin, President of NTU, ame to SMU for visit. Prof. Yu Shicheng, President of SMU and Prof. Jin Yongxing, Vice President of SMU had a cordial meet and talk with the guests.

At the meeting, Prof. Yu Shicheng, President of SMU extended warm welcome to President Xu Guanlin and other guests and introduced to the guests the history, academic research, specialty setting, faculty establishing as well as international cooperation of SMU. He said that NTU, a world-renowned university with unique educational ideology and philosophy is worth learning for SMU in many aspects. He also pointed out that at present the research cooperation in related fields and communications through exchange teachers had obtained achievements and he further hoped that the two universities could expand the cooperation relationship, discover more various cooperation modes together to benefit both universities.

President Xu Guanlin expressed his heartfelt willingness to enhance mutual understanding with SMU as well as explore deeper cooperation in related specialties. Later on, the two parties discussed cooperation matters such as exchange students etc. Mr. Mi Weijian, Dean of SMU Logistics Engineering College and Ms. Yu Hongrong, Director of Foreign Affairs Office were also presented the talks.