Unforgettable Moments
Dr. Awni Behnam, President of International Ocean Institute visited SMU in Sept. 2009.

On September 5th, Dr. Awni Hehnam, President of IOI and UN Commissioner-General of UN Pavilion of Shanghai Expo visited SMU. Prof. Yu Shicheng, SMU President and Prof. Jin Yongxing, Vice President of SMU met Dr. Behnam and held a talk on organizing the conference of Pacem in Maribus 33. Afterwards, Prof. Behnam was shown around the SMU New Campus and all venues and facilities to be used for the conference next year.

Pacem in Maribus is a biennial conference hosted by IOI. The conference gathers global experts in the ocean field for academic studies and research of policies. SMU has been invited to co-host the Pacem in Maribus 33 which is to be held in Oct. 2010.