Unforgettable Moments
Prof. Bjorn Kjerfve, President of World Maritime University, and Prof. Ma Shuo, Vice-President of WMU visited SMU in Jul. 2009.

Through July 17th to 20th, Prof. Bjorn Kjerfve, President of World Maritime University (WMU)and Prof. Ma Shuo, Vice President of WMU visited SMU. They attended the SMU-WMU Graduation Ceremony of the ITL Program in International Transport and Logistics Intake IV . Prof. Yu Shicheng, SMU President and Prof. Jin Yongxing, SMU Vice President received the guests.

Prof. Yu extended warm welcome to Prof. Bjorn Kjerfve for whom this is the first visit to SMU. Prof. Yu also hopes that in the future the two universities would explore the cooperation in the field of talent training and scientific research and would make due contribution to future maritime education. Prof. Bjorn Kjerfve hopes that this visit will be a great opportunity to deepen the friendship and cooperation between SMU and WMU to realize mutual development of both universities.

During the visit, Prof. Bjorn Kjerfve, accompanied by Prof. Yu Shicheng and Prof. Jin Yongxing, viewed the simulations center, library, gym center and other constructions in the Lingang New Campus. The guests praised highly of the construction of new campus.