Unforgettable Moments
More than 100 rectors, presidents and administrators of other maritime academies all over the world attended the Inauguration Ceremony of SMU New Campus in Oct. 2008.

On October 18, with colorful flags, bright music and hundreds of guests, SMU Inauguration Ceremony was grandly held in SMU new campus in Lingang New City.

More than 600 guests attended the ceremony. They are Mr. Wang Jiarui, Head of International Department, Central Committee of CPC, Mr. Han Zheng, Vice Secretary of CPC Shanghai Committee and Mayor of Shanghai, Mr. Xu Zuyuan, Vice Minister of Transport of China, Mr. Yin Yicui, Vice Secretary of CPC Shanghai Committee, Mr. Liao Shining, Commander of PLA Navy Shanghai Base, Mr. Shen Xiaoming, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Mr. Efthimios E. Mitropoulos, Secretary General of International Maritime Organization, as well as chiefs from overseas and domestic well-known shipping and port enterprises and institutions, shipping companies, maritime universities, international shipping organizations and consultancy institutions and other related maritime units.

Prof. Yu Shicheng, SMU President, chaired the ceremony.

Mr. Wang Hongbiao, Secretary of SMU Party Committee delivered a welcome speech. He said: On behalf of university SMU leader team and students and faculties, I hereby express my deep gratitude to Shanghai Party Committee, Shanghai Municipal Government and Ministry Transport of China who gave us complete support, Municipal Education Committee and relevant departments and units of Shanghai who offered us precise guidance and shipping and port enterprises and institutions at home and abroad, as well as overseas friends who gave us great help. It is our obligation and responsibility to build SMU into a high level maritime university which matches with Shanghai International Shipping Center. SMU will make due contribution to the construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center and the development of national shipping industry by further learning and practicing the scientific development concept to broad up our ideas, seize the opportunity, work harder, focus on connotation construction, actively make reform and increase the school-running power in all-around way.

Mr. Li Shaode, President of China Shipping indicated in his speech that China Shipping and SMU are closely related and has a good long-term cooperation. SMU is the main human resource reservoir of our group. The employees graduated from SMU plays an important role no matter whether on ships or on land. They are the core during the construction and development of China Shipping with sound skills, great work capability and high comprehensive quality. The achievement of China Shipping is closely related to the hard-work of employees who graduated from SMU, besides; many leaders in China Shipping also come from Shanghai Maritime University. Therefore, on behalf of China Shipping, he expressed his sincere gratitude to SMU.

Mr. Wei Jiafu, President and CEO of COSCO said that Shanghai Maritime University is one of the universities which provide advanced human resource of business manager for COSCO. The graduates have a good command of English, work capability and high comprehensive quality. Wherever they work, on water or on land, they won the praise from the company, which shows that the university’s concept and attitude toward education quality and capability training, wining great reputation in international shipping world. COSCO developed quickly and honorably entered world top 500 enterprises, becoming the second shipping company in the world. All these achievements are indispensable to the hard-work of graduates from SMU and other universities in recent decades.

Mr. Xu Zuyuan, Vice Minister of Transport of China pointed in his speech that SMU is a maritime university with clear characteristics in China. Since the foundation, SMU has trained groups of advanced shipping talents for the country, created amounts of scientific achievements, made huge contribution to the development of shipping economy and made active exploration and practice for the self-development and improvement of advanced maritime education with Chinese character. We extend our thanks to diligent work SMU has made to the development of Chinese transport cause and maritime education cause. We are also gratified by the excellent achievement SMU made. According to the co-construction of SMU with Shanghai Municipal Government, Ministry of Transport will, as always, support SMU’s complete, harmonized and sustained development and build SMU into the world renowned high-level maritime university.

Mr. Shen Xiaoming, Vice Mayor of Shanghai emphasized in his speech that Shanghai is the cradle of advanced maritime education in China. Shanghai Maritime University has cultivated many shipping and service talents for China and Shanghai, playing an important part in the social and economic development of Shanghai and shipping industry development in China. Shanghai Municipal Government will continuously support the construction and development of Shanghai Maritime University, hoping that SMU will completely learn and practice scientific development view, further reinforce the connotation construction, inherit the tradition and explore the innovation, work pragmatically and pursue the excellence and make greater contribution to Shanghai International Shipping Center construction and shipping industry development in China and build the university to world high-level maritime university.

Prof. Romulad Cwilewicz, Rector of Gdynia Maritime University and Mr. Efthimios E. Mitropoulos, Secretary General of IMO delivered speeches respectively.

Mr. Wang Jiarui, Mr. Han Zheng and Mr. Mitropoulos pushed the telegraph to sound the whistle to mark the inauguration of SMU.

As one of the important activities for the inauguration ceremony, Shipping and Maritime Education Symposium was held in the afternoon in auditorium. Mr. Zhang Fusheng, Party Committee Sectary of COSCO, Mr. Efthimios E. Mitropoulos, Secretary General of IMO, Mr. Shen Jun, Vice Mayor of Shanghai and Mr. Xu Zuyuan, Vice Minister of Transport of China delivered enthusiastic speeches.

The symposium was chaired by Prof. Yu Shicheng, President of SMU.