Unforgettable Moments
Mr. Efthimios E.Mitropoulos, IMO Secretary-General visited SMU in Oct. 2008.

Mr. Efthimios E. Mitropoulos, Secretary-General of IMO (International Maritime Organization) paid a visit to SMU on Oct. 18th. Mr. Efthimios E. Mitropoulos attended the Inauguration Ceremony of SMU New Campus, the Shipping and Maritime Education Symposium and the Opening Ceremony of Training Workshop for the Principals of African Maritime Academies held at SMU.

In the Shipping and Maritime Education Symposium, Mr. Efthimios E. Mitropoulos delivered a speech. He pointed out that China has played an important role in the world marine industry, and will propel the world shipping industry’s development in the future. He also said that all the countries in the world shall work with IMO together to solve problems we face in the shipping industry, such as offshore security, seaman recruitment, and the impact of shipping on the environment.