Unforgettable Moments
Honorable Elaine L. Chao, US Secretary of Labor visited SMU and delivered a speech in Aug. 2008.

On 28 August, Madam Elaine L. Chao, United States Secretary of Labor visited SMU new campus and viewed the Mulan Maritime Simulation Memorial Center and SMU mulan relic showroom. Then Secretary Chao delivered a wonderful speech on sino-US relationship and other topics to students and faculty from SMU. The audience raised several questions after the speech and Secretary Chao answered them.

Prof. Yu Shicheng, SMU President, presented welcome words and chaired the whole speech.

Dr. James S.C.Chao, father of Madam Elaine L. Chao, Chairman of Foremost Group, and Mr. Simon Schuchat, U.S. Acting Consul General, accompanied with Madam Chao.

Leaders of SMU such as Mr. Zhang Chuanguo, Prof. Jin Yongxing, Professor Huang Youfang, Prof. Kong Fancun, Mr. Xiao Baojia, Prof. Cai Cunqiang attended Madam Chao's speech.